Since our inception, our deep appreciation for travel and discovery has allowed us to explore the ongoing dialogue between the past and the future⁠, art, and innovation. This transcends into our designs to reflect the needs of our customers⁠—the explorers, the boundary-pushers and the game-changers, and the ever-changing landscape of travelling around the world.


Our designs uphold a modern attitude, with a reduction in complexity and a focus on the bare essentials with a prestigious touch. The values of grandeur, sensuality and touch are articulated with an artistic refinement that translates into unpretentious statements of style. We embrace a minimalist ethos while navigating through design, tradition, contemporary and future to offer a unique perspective and representation of luxurious minimalism, balancing function and beauty with an impeccably sophisticated aesthetic.


Ignited by the spirit of adventure that resides within the team, the brand derives from the need of re-presenting the art of exploration in an extraordinary, individualistic way that is distinctly personal. The Maison de Kynho is led by creative connoisseurs and artisans who blur the lines between fashion, fine craftsmanship, art and design have infused the pursuit of excellence in our radically unparalleled collections.